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Parliament Security Breach

Parliament Security Breach: Dramatic Revelations and Planned Intricacies Unfold in Delhi Police Investigation”

Delhi Police sources have disclosed that the individuals involved in the Parliament security breach on December 13 initially contemplated self-immolation and distributing pamphlets before settling on the dramatic plan to infiltrate the Lok Sabha with smoke canisters. The five accused, identified as Sagar Sharma, Manoranjan D, Amol Shinde, Neelam Devi, and Lalit Mohan Jha, arrived with seven smoke cans for the incident.

During the breach, Sharma and Manoranjan D jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber, releasing yellow smoke and shouting slogans before being subdued by MPs. Simultaneously, Amol Shinde and Neelam Devi released colored smoke outside the Parliament premises, accompanied by the fifth accused, Lalit Jha, who circulated protest videos on social media.

Highlights from the case:
1. Before deciding on the Lok Sabha breach, the accused explored various impactful methods to convey their message to the government.
2. Initially considering self-immolation and pamphlet distribution, they ultimately opted for the dramatic plan executed on Wednesday.
3. The Delhi Police’s Special Cell plans to record BJP MP Pratap Simha’s statement, as he authorized the visitor passes for the intruders.
4. Investigative efforts include taking the accused to locations related to the breach and potentially seeking Parliament’s permission to recreate the incident.
5. Google searches of the Parliament area and familiarity with security protocols were part of the accused’s preparation.
6. The accused used the Signal app for secure communication to evade detection by the police.
7. The primary motive behind the breach was to gain media attention, leading to a meticulously planned entry into the Parliament during a session.



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