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Boosting Brain Health Through Exercise

A group of clinical researchers from the Brain Health Center at Providence Saint John’s Health Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute actively engaged in an international study, uncovering an intriguing correlation between regular exercise and enhanced brain health. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published their study, titled “Exercise-Related Physical Activity Relates to Brain Volumes in 10,125 Individuals.” This research demonstrates a clear association between physical activity and increased size of crucial brain regions for memory and learning.

Intriguing Insights from MRI Brain Scans

The study analysed MRI brain scans from 10,125 participants at Prenuvo imaging centres. Results showed that individuals who regularly engaged in physical activities, including walking, running, and sports, had notably larger brain volumes in key areas. This enhancement was observed in the grey matter, responsible for processing information; the white matter, which connects various brain regions; and the hippocampus, a vital area for memory.

Simple Activities, Significant Impact

Lead researcher Cyrus A. Raji, M.D., and co-author David Merrill, M.D., director of the PBHC, emphasise the simplicity and accessibility of the required physical activity. Engaging in moderate activities, such as walking less than 4,000 steps daily, can significantly influence brain health. This finding is especially encouraging, as it suggests that even lower levels of activity than the commonly recommended 10,000 steps can be beneficial.

Link Between Lifestyle and Brain Health

Somayeh Meysami, M.D., another co-author of the study, highlights the connection between regular physical activity and larger brain volumes. This discovery aligns with a 2020 Lancet study identifying physical activity as a modifiable risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. The research is a continuation of previous studies linking leisure activity-related caloric burn to better brain structure.

A Comprehensive View of Brain Health

George Perry, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dr. Attariwala, the paper’s senior author, emphasize this research’s significance. They highlight its role in demonstrating exercise’s impact on brain health via detailed imaging scans. Additionally, it aligns with studies on diet, stress reduction, and social connection, collectively reducing Alzheimer’s risk without medication.

Simple Steps to a Healthier Brain

This research underlines a straightforward yet effective strategy for maintaining brain health: staying active. Whether it involves daily walks or engaging in a favourite sport, regular physical activity promises enduring benefits for brain health. The study’s findings serve as a reminder of the age-old wisdom that physical activity is a key predictor of a healthier ageing brain. (Source: ANI)



  1. Insightful read! Exercise isn’t just for the body; it’s a game-changer for the mind. Your blog beautifully emphasizes the profound connection between physical activity and boosting brain health. Time to lace up those sneakers and invest in our cognitive well-being!


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